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March 7, 2002
U.S.Read Supports Campaign Finance Reform And By Extension This Request for Action from John McCain and Straight Talk America
by Victor Trombettas

U.S.Read has posted this alert because we believe it is our duty to inform you of such pressing matters and your duty to at least make one phone call expressing your personal opinion. We very much believe in capitalism, a free economy, etc., and we appreciate the role Corporate America has had in the continuing success and growth of our Nation. However, no Corporation can go out on election day and vote! Therefore, any effort that seeks to limit the undue influence Corporations, SIGs, PACs, etc. have had on our representative form of government should be supported. And if you agree with our position, then please ask the Senator to not support any fillibusters and to not support sham ammendments intended to scuttle the legislation.

Senators who support Campaign Finance are currently being barraged by calls and letters urging them to support a fillibuster that would kill the Campaign Finance bill in the Senate. We must let these Senators know that it is important to their constituents, and the American people, that Campaign Finance legislation pass the Senate and become law.

Please call the following list of Senators and let them know that they must continue to support Campaign Finance Reform. Tell them that they must vote against poison pill amendments and send the bill to the President.

Please call, fax or e-mail these 5 Senators:

Senator Richard Lugar
202-224-4814 phone
202-228-0360 fax

Senator Pete Domenici
202-224-6621 phone
202-228-1177 fax

Senator Peter Fitzgerald
phone 202-228-1372

Senator Arlen Specter
202-224-4254 phone
202-228-1229 fax

Senator Gordon Smith
202-224-3753 phone
202-228-3997 fax

Victor Trombettas
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