February 25, 2002


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Compressor Stalls - Sample Video

But is This What Happened Early on in the Flight?

by Victor Trombettas
Those of us who believe witnesses when they say "listen to me ... I saw puffs of smoke ... I saw explosions ... I saw flames .... I saw a fireball .... while the plane was in-flight ... and while the tail was attached", have speculated that all these people:
(a) shared a common illusion
(b) saw these events and they can be explained as compressor stalls (with particular focus
on the early fires and explosions seen by witnesses Alpha and Power since they saw these
events BEFORE the plane lost control at its peak altitude and descended).
(c) these events were not stalls and are UEEs (Unidentified Explosive Events) just like the witnesses stated.
If compressor stalls had occurred around 9:15:39 AM (the time of the first 0.1g lateral movement) then the FDR must have picked up that up. NTSB has not found such evidence to date. Also ... as you will hear from the video below ... compressor stalls can produce very loud noises; audible to ears on the ground quite a distance from the craft. NTSB has found no suspicious sounds to date.
Would a UEE be heard on the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)? Maybe, and maybe not. It all depends on how large that explosion is and where on the craft it occurs.
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