January 19, 2002


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Videotaped Interview with Crash Eyewitness, Tom Lynch (Retired Firefighter)

This interview took place on Sat. January 19th, 2002 at the same spot where Tom witnessed the flight and crash of AA Flight 587 . The key elements to his interview are:

a. plane was at about 2,000 feet altitude; about 6 seconds before ground impact
b. there were two explosions, the first, smaller one just behind the wing near the fuselage; the second one much larger engulfed much of the plane
c. the plane was intact (including the tail assembly) at the time of the first explosion

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If you're still having trouble with the movie even after installing QuickTime ... go to http://www.apple.com/trailers/ and try to view any one of the movie trailers/previews. You may need to follow the instructions on their web site for downloading QuickTime but you should be able to view videos on U.S.Read afterward.

Victor Trombettas

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