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U.S.Read's Conspiracy Theories?

August 25, 2004

by Victor Trombettas

The following was submitted by me to the Editor of The Wave––a Rockaway, NY newspaper ( which has published U.S.Read's Flight 587 articles.

Dear Editor:

I'd like to respond to a letter by Wave reader David Cohen, which appeared in your August 20th edition.

In his letter, Mr. Cohen accuses me of putting out "conspiracy theories" related to the crash of Flight 587 (FL587). It's one thing to accuse me of putting out one conspiracy theory, but Mr. Cohen goes further and says I've put out more than one ("theories").  I'd like to set the record straight.

I challenge Mr. Cohen to point out where in our summary and our multi-part report (on we have alleged a cover-up of the cause of the crash of FL587.  He won't be able to . . . because it is not there. 

Howard Schwach (The Wave's Editor) speculated that a government cover-up might be at work, but I did not.  I have no proof there is a cover-up.  Among some of our findings, we have uncovered evidence the NTSB does not know about much of the debris found in the Rockaways.  All we’ve done is highlight these disturbing facts.  I also do not attempt to belittle or defame the work of many intelligent, hardworking individuals at the NTSB.  But as we have heard before, the "road to hell is paved with good intentions" and as we've also learned from recent history––even when a CIA Director tells the President something is a "slam dunk", it could in fact be an "air ball".  If the CIA, with all it's good, hardworking people, can get something so terribly wrong, isn't it possible the NTSB could err?  That is all I am alleging.  That they have erred. 

Mr. Cohen suggests I am one person challenging the NTSB.  That is also not true.  There are dozens of aviation experts who have assisted me in my work.  At the Witness Meeting sponsored by The Wave in July 2002, at least four experts came to the meeting––experts who support U.S.Read's analysis of the NTSB investigation.  No less than two former NTSB Investigators support our work at U.S.Read, and one will be interviewed with me on radio this week.

Mr. Cohen suggested we wait for the NTSB's final report.  The NTSB has already reached many conclusions about what did and did not happen, and they have released scores of factual reports.  Our "preliminary" report has analyzed and commented on what they have already made public.  I believe that in this country we all love and cherish, the People benefit from such analysis and debate.

Anyone deeply familiar with the NTSB's information releases to date, and familiar with our work, will tell you that we have raised some very good points. 

Lastly, our work has uncovered evidence the NTSB overlooked.  Critical evidence, such as the Air Traffic Control communications by the pilot himself and what those transmissions tell us about the condition of the aircraft.  This evidence, and all our findings, support the counter-thesis that the tail departing the aircraft was not the cause of the crash, and the tail in fact departed later in the crash sequence.  Match all this up with no less than 39 witness accounts of strange goings-on (loud noises, explosion, fire, smoke) before the tail fell off––and it’s very easy to conclude something is very wrong. 

Victor Trombettas

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