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April 23, 2002

Open Letter to NTSB Chairman, Marion Blakey

Dear Chairman Blakey:

I have had the pleasure of communicating with Ted Lopatkiewicz in your
Public Affairs Department on many issues related to the Flight 587
Investigation, and he has been very helpful and professional.

A while back, I asked Ted if I could interview you and he informed me that
at the present time, the NTSB was not granting interviews and was generally
releasing information to the Public on Flight 587 via the "Updates" that
come roughly once a month.

Unfortunately, many questions remain that are beyond the scope of the 587
"Updates" and Ted's ability to address. One of Ted's concerns was that I was
conducting a "parallel investigation" and it was not his duty to assist
independent investigations.

I am kindly appealing to you to agree to a one-on-one recorded phone
interview. I would welcome your inviting Robert Benzon to the interview as
well, or anyone you felt should be present.

I'd be happy to share my questions with you in advance once we agree to the
interview, with the understanding that none of the questions will be removed
from the list.

I appreciate your consideration, and your understanding that asking
questions of our elected and appointed leadership, is part of our open, and
democratic process.


Victor Trombettas

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